Welcome to the Digital Champion Programme Planner!

Here at Digital Unite we passionately believe that taking a Champion approach to digital inclusion for all is within the grasp of any organisation, large or small.

This free, interactive Planner will help you work out how this tried and tested, scalable approach could enable your organisation to boost digital confidence and skills for staff, volunteers, service users and citizens. You will also receive our top tips for running a successful Digital Champion project based on our experience of working with hundreds of organisations.

Picture of remote digital champion

How does the Planner work?

Simple: we’ll ask you a few questions about your target audiences, why essential digital skills matter in your context, and your organisation’s current capabilities. The questions won’t take more than 10 minutes to complete.

No preparation is needed to complete the Planner, you just need a working knowledge of your organisation. You will then receive your tailored report which will include our free Digital Champion project guide.